Why You Don’t Want To Miss Proper Sundays Tomorrow…



     Ending the week on a high note is a custom here in Denver. That tradition is going stronger than ever, perhaps with more concentrated passion than the actual weekend itself. Summer is upon us and it’s time to move outside my friends. As part of the Proper Sundays series, Afterhours Anonymous is bringing the eclectic duo Thugfucker to Beta Nightclub tomorrow afternoon for a daytime shindig! For those of you who haven’t been to these day parties, you’ll notice a refreshing lack of spiked high-heels and overcrowded bottle service tables. Instead you’re greeted with a crowd predominantly made of people who are there for the music and not the potential selfie opportunities with one-night-stands. This event series has produced some of the most quality underground electronic performances Denver has seen this year, and it’s not over yet. 

     You won’t find Thugfucker falling into any pigeon holes. To begin with, that name is just phenomenal, and their skill set has the audacity to back it up. They’re loud, intriguing, informed, and brilliantly silly. They’re Bobcat Goldthwait on turntables. Just like their neon soaked single “Disco Gnome” on Life and Death Records, the words “we came here to party” will no doubt echo across Blake Street this weekend. The duo’s history is just as colorful as the moniker they’ve chosen. Greg Oreck started his adulthood as an international aid worker residing in New York. Thousands of miles away we have Homar Filipsson, an Icelandic native who pursued a career as a security specialist. After transplanting to NYC and finding his way into the underground club scene, these two eventually crossed paths. It must have become apparent to them that the structured blue collared lives they had each built for themselves weren’t cutting it. Imagine if Chris McCandless back-packed into a DJ booth instead of an abandoned bus in Alaska. Something inside them made them decide to abandon everything they knew to make people move. (Perhaps there’s more to their specialized pasts and they’re actually ex-spies under the guise of dance wizards.) Eventually the two became the vibrantly named Thugfucker, embarking a humble journey of perpetual parties, record label launches, and the occasional sombrero. While they haven’t released much in the last few years, you can still hear them collaborating with fellow arthouse party gurus Tale of Us, or playing on stages around the world. You could almost say at this point they’re a hidden gem that fans of back-in-the-day can revel in. Now they’re in our backyard.

         To paint them as a tech-house group would be like describing Deadpool as a superhero movie; there is a lot more to it. The basic foundation of sounds or track selections they implement vastly differ from your typical DJ duo in that realm. You can be certain that you’ll circulate the majority of the dance music galaxy throughout the entirety of the set. It’s difficult to avoid being cliche when you say a DJ act “takes you on journey”, but they sure play a great long-game. The beats like to take root and germinate in your skull for a while, then before you know it an organic, intricately weaved garden has taken bloom. All of a sudden your body is rich and flowing with sonic nutrients. You may need a proverbial machete for a deep jungle excursion of a tribal nature, or goggles for an ocean dive into the mysteries of the dark’s secrets. They’ll get weirdly polite and politely rude. They might cast you into a techno dungeon, or lift you by your heartstrings into the empyrean cosmos. You could very well crawl the streets of Chicago and Richard Alpert’s brain in one night. The uncertainty and raw demeanor of their spinning is what makes these guys so enthralling. Once they complete the final picture, the intricacy will be impossible to ignore.thug3

    See, Thugfucker does their own thing. They’ve mastered a way to play genuinely compelling sets of choice transitional grooves while somehow not taking it too seriously. Between Homar’s menacingly suave mustache and impressive ability to rock an assortment of all things shiny, and Greg’s dark casual edge, they charm the dancefloor like a couple of psychotropic Lotharios. Traditionally the vibe of the crowd is what drives a DJ but these guys don’t exactly have a penchant for routine clubland customs. Instead, this duo takes the vibe to you. These guys are the party. Humor and chemistry have been fundamental elements of electronic dance music throughout it’s existence, and Thugfucker emanates this perfectly. It’s their somewhat goofy demeanor that balances what is really happening underneath; they can take you deeper than you might expect.

     This pre-Fourth of July party is gearing up to be one of the most niche fan-oriented bookings we’ve seen in a while. You couldn’t ask for a better environment to experience it in. Nightclubs aren’t always focused on hot bartenders, popping bottles, and terrible MC’s. Once in awhile you can find a sanctuary that cares about the music (at least once a week). What if you could have a smaller more dedicated crowd, and some gratuitous set times as well? That’s where Afterhours Anonymous comes in. They’re bringing in more and more elite acts from all corners of Earth, space, and beyond. Not only that, but they’re providing an optimal club experience without the social chaos of a Friday night. When it comes to down to it, are you really going to pass up international talent on a Sunday afternoon? b943a9f57d454e4fa6054726f30669b0.image!jpeg.71865.jpg.proper_TL



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