New Remix From Solomun Hits All The Notes


It’s all about feeling ladies and gentlemen, and the latest remix from Solomun is a blitzkrieg of emotion. The German producer’s rework of Liu Bei’s “Atlas World” premiered on DJ Mag yesterday, and it is sweet as it is dark. While we love a good floor banger as much as the next music blog, the world is in serious need of artistic direction. Dance music should be viewed like the humans who make it- if it doesn’t have a soul, it’s probably not safe to be around.  It seems that yet again, DIYNAMIC Music is answering the call for quality over calamity, proving once again the future of international techno is safe in the hands of artists like Solomun. Talk is cheap without the walk, so we’ll cut to the sonic chase. Listen to a preview of the track below and head the link at the bottom of the page to see more from the recent issue of DJ Mag! Oh, and did we mention that he has another remix of the tune coming out?!

Does a remix really deserve this much attention you ask? Yes, actually it does.The outside world often accuses electronic music of being redundant, tasteless, and painfully overrated. They’re not right, but they’re certainly not wrong either. With people like David Guetta outselling ground-breakers like Soulwax on any given day, in any location on the planet, what are they to think? There’s also the nefariously capitalistic executives at Electric Daisy Carnival who have openly stated their lineups are strictly geared towards ticket sales and not artistic quality. It’s true that the politics of modern EDM are overwhelmingly disheartening, but the landscape can still change, and it is.

diynamic-logoThere is a real art in being able to control the movements of your listener (to some degree) with grooves; in using notes to (permanently) tell the world about who you are and where you came from. Making a sound specifically designed to represent a feeling unique to you is where all of the unlimited potential in electronic music lies. Even if that feeling is a refreshed take on a timeless movement like Techno. The reality is that when a song conjures up a feeling, good or bad, it’s music. The concept isn’t really open to scrutiny. We’re talking to you old folks. Didn’t John Lennon say “give beats a chance”? It was something along those lines. Now take DIYNAMIC Music founder Solomun, who is doing a stand up job of changing the landscape of international Techno for the better. He’s pushing a decades old movement into the future with live-oriented, thought provoking dance music, and he’s doing it through a voice of his own. This latest remix is testament to all that electronic music is capable of. It hits all the notes so to speak. So have faith outside world. Artists like these are going to long outlast the current idols of mainstream music. You hear that sound? It’s the underground.


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