New From The Boiler Room: Solomun Live in Tulum


People-watching is some of the best mind-numbing entertainment around, if you’re in the right place at least. The Boiler Room has always provided us with some classy dancers to laugh at (not to mention some epic music). From the famous “Ellum kid”, to the “crazy ginger girl”, they’re all passionately making fools of themselves to the soundtrack of the world’s best electronic artists. In reality, however, you’re just getting a glimpse of what you actually look like on the dance floor. There’s no shame in happiness though. In the modern age of live streaming cultures and homeland security, it seems like self-conscious tendencies and public humiliation are fairly moot concepts anyways. If you’re a true live music junkie, then you’re probably on record somewhere in the Youtube Sea. So you might as well just let loose, turn the subs up, and watch Solomun throw the people of Tulum into a rhythmic fervor with his massive 2 hour set. It’s hilarious, it’s moving, it’s got a mean beat to it, and it’s the future of music folks.


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