Mysteryland USA Lineup Announced!

festivalmysteryland4Big news ladies and gentlemen, big news- The artist lineup for the 2nd Mysteryland USA is officially no longer a secret. Before we proceed to give you that information (don’t look down…yet), we want to ask you a few questions first. Are you a fan of underground techno and/or house music? Do you appreciate the presence of grassroots DJ’s who started their careers in the genesis of such music? Do you like really awesome pizza? If you answered “No” to these, we have other articles you might be interested in. If you answered “Yes”, then you might want to set aside a clean pair of underwear before reading the pink pretty page below. Check out the lineup!


Out of all the festival lineups that have recently dropped, this one is our favorite. Sure it’s geared specifically for fans of electronic music, but when they cater to their fans, they cater baby. Unlike Electric Fairy Festival, where the music literally doesn’t matter to the organizers, this event spends big money on every in-demand DJ they can get their hands on during the festival season. As you read down the lineup, the quality vs. demand for any given artist there doesn’t decrease a bit. There’s some garbage, but it’s an electronic music festival and that comes with the territory unfortunately. On the other hand, the mainstream acts don’t really mesh with the underground, which is one of the best aspects of this festival. The organizers have selected some amazing curators to take care of that for you. You’re not going to have a hard time weeding out the good artists with this lineup. It’s a techno-junkie’s wet dream come true, not to mention a plethora of niche acts spread over two days. How could we leave out the gorgeous backdrop of Bethel Woods, NY? These are the kind of lineups we don’t see in America too often, so perhaps we’re just a tad biased. Still, if this doesn’t tickle your fancy a little bit, then you’re either wearing too many layers, or your dead.

>> More Info On Mysteryland USA HERE! <<


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