#Sunday Funday: Sexy Disco Time Edition w/ Miguel Campbell

It’s sexy disco time ladies and gentlemen. Nothing kicks off your weekend like some silky disco-house, and Miguel Campbell is the turntable Lothario we’re turning to for the job. The 10th installment of his Radio FG mix series dropped recently, check it out! Out of all the guys at Hot Creations, this DJ is the most consistent in terms of style. You know what you’re going to get with Miguel, unlike some of the other beach bums on his label that we won’t name. If you take away the ambiance of neon tank tops, vodka-red bulls, and Ibiza drug binges, who will be left to stand the test of artistry? We suspect that Miguel would still be in the shadows of a dimlit club in London, spinning glamor-gold for all the remaining connoisseurs of dance music. There’s a good level of cheese, but hey that’s what disco is all about right? He adds a signature edge to it that can’t be beat. When it boils down to his production and the reputation he has built around it, Campbell is all killer and no filler. Underneath that baseball cap he fancies so much, is a hard-working brain with an actual musical objective.




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