March Madness: Gigs With Fur Coat, Maceo Plex, and More Announced At…

storelogoIf you live in the Northeast, there is simply no better time to see electronic music than in the month of March. The weather absolutely sucks, and the asphalt is plagued with open sores and cracks that tear your car to pieces. You’re going to brave it all though, and do you know why? Because the booking, especially in NYC, doesn’t get any better. It’s just that time of year; that perfect time of year (billing-wise) where the festival season is on hold, and the holidays aren’t an obstacle anymore. So producers and DJs take that opportunity to tour extensively before it’s time to, well…tour again. For instance Verboten, one of Brooklyn’s more reputable nightclubs, just announced it’s March lineup of acts. Hold onto your hats and get ready to bounce! Live bills like these are what dreams are made of, not to mention a solid testament to our March Madness theory. (This is only one venue too!) All of the headliners listed below have more than proved themselves as staples in live electronic music. Before you proceed to drop your jaws, we can’t risk Gui Boratto being left out of this. The legendary house producer and critically praised live performer will also be hitting Verboten on March 27th, for some reason his flyer wasn’t available yet. Check out who else is coming your way next month >>>

March Verboten Lineup







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