Aeroplane Kicks Off New Website With A Fresh Mix!!!


The weekend just got a little more funky ladies and gentlemen. It is with great pleasure that we present the first Aeroplane mix of the year! You can listen to the appropriately titled ‘What Do You Mean Balearic?!’ now, and head to the link below for a FREE DOWNLOAD! Just as the name implies, Vito is getting back to his roots and kicking things up a notch. The release celebrates his latest musical strategy, a brand new website called AeroplaneConnect (where you’ll download this mix), which is just getting started this week. Check it out and read more below!

“I’ve decided to take this as an opportunity to start something new, in the form of a website. It’s called Aeroplane Connect. It will be a centralized portal for all Aeroplane information and content. It will eventually become an iPhone app, a supermarket chain, and an aisle-seats-only airline, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Aeroplane Connect in it’s beta version will host all of the Aeroplane mixes, which for reasons I’m sure everyone is now familiar with, will disappear from the Aeroplane Soundcloud in due time. My Soundcloud will then focus on new songs and original material. Not only will you find a new mix online right now, but we also added some older mixes, so you guys can still go and play the 500th Essential Mix again and again, for example. Like I mentioned, Aeroplane Connect is a beta test. I want to see if it works, and I count on you to tell me if something is off or doesn’t work.

The mixes are all free to stream. For a download, just put in your email address for a link to the mix. Why? I’m not trying to sell you insurance or to make you meet hot singles in your area, but I believe that if you care to download a mix, you probably would updates on future Aeroplane news, such as new mixes, shows, remixes, singles, etc. Your email address will be used for that purpose alone. In other words, this is about getting closer to real fans.

Here’s the new and first mix on Aeroplane Connect for you. I hope you’ll enjoy it and that I will see you somewhere on the road.” -Vito Deluca (Aeroplane) 



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