New 4mplify EP Released For Free!


Alright, it’s January 7th and we’re still seeing Robin Meade covering New Year’s Eve pet photos on the so-called HLN network. The hangovers have dissipated, empty Christmas trees have begun to line the road side, it’s about time we get started with the new year don’t you think? 4mplify is back on our radar with the release of his new ‘Thrill EP’. To kick off 2015 with a cosmic bang, the Belgian producer dropped the two new tracks for FREE DOWNLOAD. What a guy. Now, are you going to let him go through all that selfless trouble for nothing? Check out a review of the release and grab the EP below! (The “PLAY” button is the big one on the left).



‘Thrill’ is definitely more of a thrill than say, the newest Paranormal Activity movie. Actually when I think about it, it’s more of a thrill than most things claiming to be a “thrill” these days. The EP features two versions of the titular track, an original mix and a disco-dub mix. The original sounds like an old-fashioned turntable discotheque, but with a touch of infinite space. While circumnavigating the galaxy, he must have found a tear in the fabric of time and stumbled into a Larry Levan DJ set at the Paradise Garage. Now he has one foot in 1978, and the other 2015. That would explain it at least (sounds pretty thrilling too). The dub version doesn’t stray far, only now the song proceeds with heavy appeal to the star-gazers on the dancefloor. Added saturation and a clear emphasis on the funk lead me to think this mix will get the most DJ play out of the two. I suppose that’s his signature, and to be honest it’s really present in both tracks. It’s not so much the space disco style that defines this artist, it’s the asteroidal bounce he puts into it. He clearly gives the bass components of his productions special attention. That edge got me thinking. Interestingly, when I first gave the “Thrill” tunes a spin I couldn’t shake this House vibe, but I couldn’t find any specific measure that fit the bill. It wasn’t the rolling bass lines, it wasn’t the synthesizers, and I don’t think I’d call the pair disco-house either. No, I think that feeling comes from the songs’ old-school, record playing semblance we mentioned above. He’s really achieved some authentic textures in this release. In that sense, it’s like 4mplify is simultaneously recreating memories of the past and future.

thisoneLike most Belgian producers, this artist makes laser-edged space-funk with fashionable modesty. Seriously, those guys are some of the most humble musicians we’ve ever talked to. And 9 out every 10 times we talk to one, they’re amazed people have even heard their work. It’s like their countrymen don’t have an ear for disco, as if Belgium hasn’t been spearheading digital funk for decades now. I’d take a humble beat-maker over an arrogant Detroit-purist any day of the week though, so no complaints. Not to say he doesn’t stand apart from the rest. The last time we covered 4mplify we labeled him an “up & coming” producer. However, as we roll into the new year and reflect on the previous one, we see that he’s outgrown the term at this point. His epic remix of Goldroom’s poetic “Embrace” was just as huge as the original, and in my opinion a tad more sultry. Last Fall, the Manager remix of  “Baby It’s You” was featured in several chart mixes from Sunday Lovers, to room4space, and many more. In just a few short years his music’s been imprinted on various labels across the globe, including Disco Soul Records in the UK, and even MediaBlackout here in the States. At this juncture he’s more “going up” than “up & coming” really. His production rate alone is pretty impressive (the man has stacks of releases in just a three year period). I personally suspect he’s secretly a disco-savvy production-whiz marketing himself as a gifted novice to gain credibility. Kidding, not kidding sir. Enjoy the release ladies and gentlemen!




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