Tiger & Woods: The Mystery Revealed

tiger_woods_1000x664Once again the elusive Tiger & Woods have teamed up with Red Bull Music Academy Radio, only we can’t really call them “elusive” anymore. They sat in with RBMA for a rare chat about the music that got them started, how Italo impacted their style, and where their career began. Over the next hour they’ll walk you through some of the classic tunes that inspired the edits we love today, including their ridiculously sexy spin on “Plastic Doll”, the 1982 release from Dharma. We’ve been following these two chaps for over 3 years and we’ve never heard them say more than 10 words so this pretty darn exciting.

It’s quite the privelge folks. How often do we get a personal tour of a musician’s key influences? People always bring up artists like Giorgio Moroder or Greg Wilson when it comes to the “true legends” of disco DJ edits, and they’re certainly not wrong. They’re grossly misinformed if they think that such nostalgic greatness doesn’t exist in a modern form though. Tiger & Woods will be remembered as some of the scene’s greatest. Every gem they put their paws on instantly glows with rejuvenated authenticity. Now that we’ve confirmed one of them has a mustache it’s even more clear just how much they mean business. Don’t be surprised when Daft Punk calls them up for a collaboration 15 years down the road. Listen to this very special showcase below!

*>> Tiger & Woods – Creative Influences Revealed on Red Bull Music Academy Radio HERE  <<*


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