Side Projects Are Getting Old, Well Maybe Not This One…


Billy & The Kids have officially arrived! The newest side project from jamband land played a solid gig at the 26th Annual X-Mas Jam in Asheville, NC last Saturday. This “super-group” is lead by Bill “Billy” Kreutzmann of The Grateful Dead, and features members from Brother’s Past, The Disco Biscuits, and more. Now that lineup certainly looks explosive, but how does it sound? Is this new band going to sweep us off our feet, or are they going just going to remind us of what’s gone? We’re leaning toward the former but we’ll let you decide. Check out this video of them performing The Dead’s “Crazy Fingers -> Bertha” below and see how they stack up!

Over the last few years it seems like nobody wants to play in their band full-time anymore. Remember when you were a kid, lying in your bed and thinking “man, it would be so sick to see Jimmy Page sit in with Jethro Tull”, while trying to get Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” out of your head? Those dreams have translated into a reality for the jam scene, in the form of side projects. What the dreamers weren’t aware of, however, is that reality can get quite stale and depreciated. What used to be seldom artist collaborations that made for uniquely special moments in live music, have now become customary and typical. There is not a single thing you can do about it though. Face it guys, The Disco Biscuits aren’t touring anytime soon. Music as a whole is moving forward with or without your approval. We can only respect that these musicians still have a drive to play after all of these years on the road, and hope they produce some decent tunes to dive into. With Billy & The Kids there is at least true potential for inspired music. Unlike some of these other side projects, which likely include members of their own bands, this one is made up of 100% alpha musicians, true champions of improv. These guys are also the guiltiest of those neglecting their own band (kidding not kidding), so they’re quite used to playing with people they haven’t developed a chemistry with yet. Worry not ladies and frogs. Tom Hamilton is on guitar, so rest assured your mind will get blown to some degree. Aron Magner is a conjurer of sonic galaxies, and his input on anything related to Grateful Dead music should be welcomed with open arms. Bill Kreutzmann is over 70 years old, but he thinks he’s still 40 and that’s all that matters, because he still plays really well. We won’t forget about Reed Mathis either, or will we? Anyways, if we’re going be distracted from the fact our favorite band’s aren’t playing as much anymore, it might as well be through Billy & The Kids. It’s up to them to keep things interesting though.


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