Lowtec Unleashes New Brain Melting Mixtape

24239_377550689277_4447025_nOnce in a while an artist emerges from shadows of the underground and warms your heart, or in this case warms your brain to a boiling point. Introducing Lowtec, an aloof DJ/sound engineer who really shouldn’t have to be introduced in the first place. He’s been hiding in the dark, creating an ocean of sounds and lending his skills to various productions since the late 90’s. That’s because he has no desire to walk in the limelight, only to make honest, pure electronic music. It was only a matter of time before the spotlight found him instead.

Lowtec makes some really sweet Acid House ladies and gentlemen, and he does so with turntables and instruments alike. Not only has this artist blurred the line between DJing and performing live, he has managed to put a fresh, brain-twisting angle on his decades-old influences. Those influences are now refreshed, and pass onto the future generations through artists like this. The cycle of creation continues to withstand the tests of time and trend. We suspect he’ll be sticking to shadows though, making ghostly electronic bliss in the dark, and we’re OK with that. The underground wouldn’t be the underground otherwise. We’ll just have to hope we see him billed somewhere soon. Get a taste of Lowtec’s style in this new mix he did for Technique Tokyo, fully comprised of his own unique productions! Free Download below!


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