LIVE This Weekend: Kung Fu & MUN In Boston!!!

10635934_10152628847120901_3378288371071755490_nShredmaster Tim Palmieri and his outlandish band of funky ninjas are taking over Boston as Kung Fu this weekend. Tomorrow night (December 6th) they’ll be joined by MUN for a certified dance party at The Sinclair! Out of all the jam shows billed this weekend, this one looks like a guaranteed blast. You can’t go wrong for only $18 a ticket either guys. Tim and his cohorts play with a chemistry that you just don’t see a lot of on stage these days. Each show is a unique musical conversation transpiring between each member, never to be replicated. If you haven’t seen Fu bring a house down with their high-octane, improvisational outer space-funk, here’s your chance to catch them with an exceptional sleeper band. 

Years ago we watched this small New York techno-group called MUN open up a gig down the street in Boston’s Harvard Square. Back in 2010 it was clear to us that these guys had momentum and would be climbing the jam-fusion hierarchy sooner than later. That opinion is becoming increasingly widespread as we keep seeing those 3 letters appear on more lineups each season. Their current style resembles The New Deal mixed in with some earlier Disco Biscuits influences. Sounds fairly typical of your Northeastern jam-group these days correct? Well you’d be right, and wrong. They’re definitely products of a scene-heavy region, but they’re also the real deal. MUN isn’t phoning in basic dance grooves and generic crunchy song structures like a lot of these bands are recently. They’ve locked onto a sound that they’ve continued to develop over the years, and whether or not it’s entirely original in concept, it’s being executed very well. That’s not to say their music isn’t interesting or progressive either. For one thing, they’re keyboard/synthesizer player Carlos Homs is a genuine beast. His future in this scene is undoubtedly secured. These kids have a true passion for the music they’re creating rather than just taking an easy route with trendy influences. We wouldn’t recommend sleeping on this group if you plan on heading to the show. You can check out this video of their single “Hustler” and decide for yourselves. Tickets to their gig with Kung Fu tomorrow are available in the link below!

>>Grab Tickets HERE<<


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