Introducing House of Acid_Reviews: Your New Source For Honest Dance Music!!!

HoA Cover PhotoWelcome to House of Acid_Reviews! As you can see, Tits & Acid Reviews is no more. There was no reason behind the change other than change itself folks. We’re transitioning forward, and with that comes modulation. You deserve to hear honest and passionate artists over the mainstream floods that have convoluted musical standards so much. In order to do that more efficiently, we must refine our brand so that we can reach more like-minded individuals like yourselves. We’re still going to work tirelessly to give you the best, most unique, and integral artists out there. If you like to boogie, then this is still your place. We’re just going to be doing it bigger, and better. You can expect some great things to come your way soon. Along with the site’s remodel, we’ve got new exclusives, new interviews, and much more music on the horizon. I want to personally thank everyone who has supported Tits & Acid Reviews in the past. Without you, this place is nothing. I’m so grateful for all of the followers, and we hope you’ll be sticking around to see what’s ahead!



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