Tiger & Woods Premier New Mix On XLR8R

tigerandwoods_podcastTiger & Woods stepped out of their Den to unveil some beats today. The funky felines came out of hiding just long enough to premier a new podcast on XLR8R before scurrying away again. As expected, the duo has delivered another solid of hour classy edits and that T&W glamour we never get enough of. Little is known about their background, but at this point who really cares? We already have all the knowledge we require to fluff these guys. They tour more than they release music, so we’re talking about some true-bred DJ’s. They’ve got talent that goes far beyond mere track selection, we’ve seen it first hand. Their disco edits could give Greg Wilson a run for his money (almost). We can’t leave out their trademarked Slo-Mo Boogie style either, now can we? So with all that, do you really need to know which high school they attended? Head to link below to download the new podcast now!

♥ http://www.xlr8r.com/podcast/2014/11/tiger-and-woods

tiger-woodsBONUS ROUND: Want a taste of the LIVE goodness that Tiger & Woods can throw down? The duo also just posted this recording of their set in Tokyo last week! Listen to the performance on Red Bull Music Academy Radio below!

◊ Tiger & Woods LIVE @ The Womb, Tokyo ◊



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