Mix Mondays -Triple Feature

It’s already looking to be an incredibly busy week folks. The music is flooding in and we’re almost drowning in it, but no complaints here. For Mix Mondays we’ve got 3 new heavy hitters for you, a little something for everyone. To start you off, Rayko travels to funky space and beyond with his new ‘Disco Feelings Mix’ for SPA In Disco. Would you believe that this guy isn’t even signed right now? How anyone could pass this artist up is truly a mind blowing thought. Free download below!

JUST RELEASED! Magdalena dropped an exclusive new mix for the weekly Diynamic Music Radio Podcast. This is just sinfully good. She is one remarkable DJ, not to mention…rrreow. We actually clapped when this stopped playing, which was only a few moments ago. The artists working with this label are truly forward-thinking individuals. See what she and her colleagues are up to in this expertly mixed collection of esoteric tunes.

Martin Dubka recently did an interview with Ransom Note over the weekend. Unfortunately, as we publish this at least, the interview has been taken down. The exclusive LIVE set he released with it, however, is still up! For those unfamiliar, Dubka has been in the shadows, mastering electronic music since it’s essential birth. Now releasing music on Vito DeLuca’s label Aeropop, he’s stripped his methods down to the roots he was born in. Dubka has become true purveyor of Minimalist Acid House, playing completely live performances on modular analog synthesizers ala Simian Mobile Disco or Acid Symphony Orchestra. It’s no wonder he’s been making headlines left and right (including here). A refresher course is just what this world could use. Listen to him do his thing >>>


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