New Bricolage EP From Ryan Crosson Out Monday

99255-1Ryan Crosson unveiled his new Bricolage EP this weekend, officially out next Monday. The Visionquest superstar took some time off from his ridiculously busy touring schedule to hit the studio for his first 12″ solo release in almost six years! Bricolage features three forward-thinking original tracks that will no doubt be another paradigm of the Detroit background he’s emerged from. Preview one of the new tracks now before it’s official release on October 27th!

Visionquest Records is sort of like the GM of American house music, with Crosson being a modern day Charles Mott. He may not be the founder but he is an integral part of the label, as well as the Detroit music movement in general. Just as he was inspired by the Hawtin days of early Techno, upcoming DJs are now being influenced by him. It’s been the same cycle since the 1980’s. Like the local automobile manufacturers, Ryan and his colleagues know a good thing when they have it. They (and the countless DJs before them) have propelled a sonic legacy through almost 30 years of renewal. Simply put, if it isn’t broken then don’t fix it. Or maybe, just maybe this music has actually fused to the synapses in their brains over time. The latter notion would make more sense. Regardless, they keep the spirit of House and classic Techno alive with raw, organic sounding productions both on stage and in the studio. As the rest of the world evolves and pushes the envelope to new (and sometimes poor) places, Detroit will keep doing it what it does best.


Visonquest (left- right): Seth Troxler, Shaun Reeves, Lee Curtis, Ryan Crosson

Now don’t misinterpret. The artists from this region may be following a similar path, but the vessels they travel in are constantly changing. This is a city in which it’s history is only usurped by it’s future, and Ryan Crosson is doing a fine job of carrying the torch into a new era. He continues to mold and manipulate the history of his music into new shapes and sizes. If House was North, and Techno was South, then this DJ would be firmly placed in the equator. From that middle ground he implements the best of both realms into his productions. Each track on ‘Bricolage’ shows us a new dimension of his niche style blend. It’s safe to say that “Spoons” is the designated banger out of this trio of tunes, not to mention a perfect summary of what we’ve come to love about this artist. Dagger-edged bass lines, ethereal subtly, and eerie precision make this one deep and tough beat. Followed by that is “Close to Danger”, a stunning piece of dreary techno. We can see the boys at Visionquest giving this a lot of play-time on stage. Last but not least the EP closes with “Chimes”, a collaboration with Cesar Merveille that showcases the Minimal route Crosson can take his music. The whole release carries on with an overwhelming sense of sophistication. Whether or not it’s your cup of tea, you can literally hear the competence behind each song. Check out this preview of “Spoons” and see what you think. The Bricolage EP is officially available Monday, October 27th on Visionquest!


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