Ticketmaster Does It Again, Fans Left Without Tickets

world_series_ticket_scalpers1When Ticketmaster paid out $23 million dollars in a lawsuit settlement last year, hope for humanity was revived. Then the tickets for Bassnectar’s upcoming show at Madison Square Garden went on sale to the “public”. Fans eagerly huddled around their laptops, ready to blast away at the refresh icon on their browser until tickets became available at 11AM sharp. To our surprise (insert sarcastic font), it seemed that Ticketmaster’s minions had struck again. Despite their punctual efforts, most of the fans were unable to get tickets in the very first minute of the general on-sale. Anybody remember the LCD Soundsystem debacle back in 2011? Well it appears that once again Madison Square Garden is wrapped up in yet another TM blackout. Just as soon as they were gone, the tickets reappeared on places like Stubhub with an exponential markup. Sorry Bassheads, you’ve been bamboozled.

Bassnectar-Live-SummercampWe’re not here because of Bassnectar, you can trust in that. It could have been any artist. At this point it’s become much more than the usual slap to the face. As one of the nation’s largest monopolies, their mere existence is an insult to the public. It’s a shame that we have no choice but to take it in stride. The courts barked, and they ignored them. In a company that grosses millions in revenue just from printing fees alone, what’s $23 million to them? With the recent appearance of other ticket distributors like Tickeyfly and Crowdsurge, we’re at least seeing a small change in the way live music is accessed. Hopefully more companies will rise up and dilute the economic death-grip that Ticketmaster has on the live entertainment world. Cheers to a better future, as hope is about all we have going for us right now.



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