REVIEW: Ichisan Breathes New Life Into Space Disco With Kristina EP

988468_10203766644795893_9196344713842666601_nWere you starting to wonder where all the world’s cosmic tuneage went? Maybe just a little? Well put on your helmets, strap yourselves in, and say goodbye to gravity folks. It’s time for a brand new release from Ichisan. You may swoon accordingly.

Earlier in the year he told us he’d be doing a couple of releases as a precursor to his debut album (which is still in the works). This summer he gave fans a taste of his Extra Ball EP, due on Catune Records this fall. Now, a man of his word, here is a preview of the ‘Kristina’ EP, his second installment of space-laced dance tunes! The Kristina collection is set to drop September 15th on Internasjonal Records and includes two new originals. Despite it’s short length, the EP ranges from the soothing psychedelic overtones one might hear in his mixes, to the more dance-fueled guilty pleasures we hear at his shows. Both tracks showcase a more upbeat and raw sound this time around, an atmospheric result of his synthesizer collection no doubt. Read a full review and preview both tracks below! Space disco, we’ve missed you dearly.

ichisan011. “Kristina”-  This would be a perfect way to introduce someone to this artist. Every stylistic dimension of his music is present, forming a comprehensive example of what he has set out to do as a musician. It moves forward with promise of ethereal beauty, but not without that characteristic bounce Ichisan just can’t say no to. The song opens up and you immediately fall into an ocean of cosmic warmth. Synesthesia kicks in and the medley of synthesizers begin to paint a picture of multiple colors and textures. For me that picture was a bunch of Furby creatures, wearing neon bandannas and aviator sunglasses, dancing through a Shire-like field. The last time I said that, I had just heard “Das Spiegel” by the Chemical Brothers for the first time. It’s quite the anesthetic beat. Instead of counting to ten the next time your temper flares, why don’t you clam up and give this a spin.

2. “Hoppsa”- It’s out from the depths and back into space with “Hoppsa”, the second production on the EP. This is a straight up European disco tune, and I love it! He transitions out of the digital psychedelia he put pieced together in the first song and goes right for the interstellar punch. This is a quirky funk tune that’s rich in his Norwegian influences. It starts to remind you of Todd Terje at first, but the raw imprint of Ichisan’s synthesizer arsenal leaves a signature that simply can’t be imitated. It’s a similar approach to the one he took with Nokova when they recorded ‘Yugo Tempo’. As for style, well the track speaks for itself really. It demonstrates this artist’s ability to make you move, and move you will rest assured. Don’t bother skipping to the drop, you should know by now that Ichi doesn’t operate that way. Patience is a virtue, and this is a very virtuous individual. Still, this one has “heater” written all over it.


300x300Igor Skafar (Ichisan) produces a breed of music very unique to his region, a breed that seems to be dwindling. To the untrained/unabused ears, not a lot of [electronic] music stirs up images of the nation’s flag when listening to it. Once the internet came into play, different cultures in music were no longer tied to their countries of origin anyways. It’s more like you listen to a song, you get the artist’s name/moniker, and then after researching you learn their home State/country. That’s not quite the case with Ichisan. To generalize, his style is rich with the synth-heavy European influences his cultural background is set in. It’s also a style I’m starting to miss. His home in Slovenia is right in the rhythmic crosshairs of Italy, Belgium, and even Norway. All of these are home to some of the world’s best talents in synth and disco music. The multidimensional and instrumental format Igor typically uses directly ties into the culture of his music. Just a couple of years ago, the European space disco movement spread outward like a funky pandemic, taking the world by storm. Beats from Oliver and Aeroplane could be heard in car commercials. Everyone was eating it up. However, now the demand for such beats is being reduced to a mere whisper. House music has made a massive comeback on the planet, and it seems the hype behind artists like Lindstrom is receding back to ground zero. Even some of our favorite disco producers have jumped onto the “Deep House” bandwagon in recent months. Now true fans of the cosmic groove are left searching for their digital love in underground channels. This is something any true fan of disco should be used to, I suppose.

1527024_10152078667889361_1295508167_nIs space disco dead? If not, then has it left America’s limelight for good? This is the same place that just last year started to book Todd Terje in major cities, when the rest of the planet has been experiencing his live magic for over a decade. Well the answer is no, at least for now. We can now say, that not only is Ichisan’s music unique in detail, but he is also keeping a sound alive that is otherwise fading in the rest of the world. He might not be American, but a large part of his career’s ascension has taken place on our soil, and we’re damn proud of it. Ichisan is one of the true purveyors of European space disco, and one of the last to hold a light to the genre in this country. Suffice to say, I’m very pleased with this release. Grab the Kristina EP this Monday!



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