Villanova- “Les Gobelins” (Out On Cocoon Recordings September 8th!)

14934_768903626465402_5218276470592566193_nWe’ll be frank ladies and frogs, next month is going to be insane. It would appear that almost every talented brain in the electronic universe is gearing up for an album or EP release in the coming weeks. Between a sea of new records to spin, and the relentless tour dates ahead (we’ll get into that later), September is looking to be the musical highlight of the year on all fronts. Today we’re featuring VillanovaThe Parisian duo have been selected to produce an exclusive track for the new Cocoon Recordings compilation, due for release on September 8th!

Preview their newest original, “Les Gobelins”, featured above. It’s only a snippet, but these short 60 seconds sucked to us the speakers like a swirling black hole of techno. These two have come out with a truly monstrous beat, equipped with only their mustaches and a knack for making brain-tickling music. As the insidious bass-synths pull you further into the minimalist atmosphere, any sense of fear is overwhelmed with physical bliss. It’s dark, it’s scary, and it slithers. We like it. Did we mention we only heard 60 seconds of this song before coming to such conclusions?! This is a release we will surely be picking up upon it’s arrival. Featuring other artists such as Alan Fitzpatrick, and Ripperton, next month Cocoon Recordings is set to bring a compilation that every collector of dark, cerebral electronic should have.



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