Simian Mobile Disco To Perform New Album In US Tour



After two years of predominately DJ gigs in the States, Simian Mobile Disco will play as a live act again this Fall! In addition to dropping their 5th studio album ‘Whorl, they will perform the entire thing for US audiences. The album itself was recorded in the live format, so what better way to bring this new music into the world? After an official album-release party in London, the duo will journey across the pond for 8 live dates in America starting in Washington, DC. Expect the unexpected friends, Jas Shaw and James Ford have cooked up something fresh for this run. See if they’re playing near you in the dates posted below!

The music of Simian Mobile Disco… in words, is acid-laced sound exploration through a quintessential UK Minimal scope. In the past couple of years the duo’s music has slowly become darker and darker, but never lacking in their signature sound manipulation. These guys do to DJing what jambands do to a composition. When they take the stage they bend and mold their tunes into unique versions of themselves, never to be replicated. Each song is designed safety net, a consistent stepping stone to new layers of sonic growth. We didn’t lie about it being a special tour folks. SMD won’t be playing on the extraterrestrial device you may have seen before. They will be performing their entire new album right in front of you, with only one synthesizer and one sequencer each! This is about as organic as it gets for electronic music. With no previews out yet, the new beats are still shrouded in mystery, but you can take our word that it will be raw.

THEORY: Over 30 years ago an alien vessel allegedly visited our planet and gave us the technology for analog synthesizers. Everything you’ve read or have been taught is a lie. In the early 00’s the aliens returned incognito, joining a little 4-piece band in London called Simian so they could record our progress with this gift. In 2005 Jas Shaw and James Ford (the alleged aliens) left the group to form the dual DJ outfit Simian Mobile Disco. After quickly displaying their destiny for stardom, both literal and metaphorical, they grew tired of watching the world slowly push their technology underground and had to show the slackers how it was done. They brought down their custom synth apparatus from the sky and it was sweet dark dreaming ever since. Well, that’s our theory anyway. It’s the only way we can make sense of the other-worldly sound these two gentlemen create.



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