2x Tuesday Double Feature: Spirit Catcher

artworks-000081311316-8578p2-t500x500It’s about time! Earlier this morning, the Belgian production duo Spirit Catcher dropped their first mix installment in what seems like ages. One half of the duo wrote  “…no big, super-tight mixing and DJ tricks. Just an honest selection of tracks back-to-back by two music lovers“, and in this case we’re just fine with that. Spirit Catcher utilizes a myriad of synthesizers, mixers, MIDI’s, and other electronic equipment to make their futuristic synth-funk, but you seldom see them around the decks. Unless specifically billed as a solo DJ set, these two perform live and raw, without turntables. So there’s no harm in them having some fun as DJ’s once in a while. You can listen to the brand new ‘Between the Lines Mix’ below!

As we promised on our Facebook page, we have something else to add folks. If you want an example of that “super tight mixing” mentioned above, then these boys have something special just for you. Recently they dug up a rare recording of a Triple JJJ set they did in 2007, which you can stream now! Rather than the defined super-disco vibe that they currently emanate, seven years ago they were still messing with a bunch of influences. While this showcases a lot more genre experimentation, it was still clear what direction they were taking in their music. Here’s a great opportunity to listen to an early stage in the careers of one of Belgium’s most respected electronic acts. Enjoy this un-buried treasure!


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