Steve Bug’s ‘Pelican Glide’ Now Available For Preview!

475292269_640The words “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” echo in Dehlia De France’s dreamy voice over and over again in Steve Bug’s new track “Gone Til’ It’s Gone”. We don’t quite know who that phrase is being directed to, but you can start feel sorry for them with a beautiful voice like that. However, we can’t entirely agree with those sentiments on a surface level. We know damn well what we’ve got here: A smoking new EP from Steve Bug.

The 4-track ‘Pelican Glide’ release will drop on Poker Flat Records this September, but you can preview it now! The EP will also mark the 150th release on PFR, as well as the label’s 15th anniversary. Featuring two brand new originals, each track is accompanied with it’s own unique rework. You may have heard the instrumental version of the aforementioned song, abbreviated as “Til It’s Gone”, in some recent mixes. It’s definitely gotten it’s fair share of play in the house and minimal channels, and you can count on hearing it being circulated on the dancefloor all summer long. This release isn’t going anywhere for a long time.

Steve Bug is one of the most pursued acts in Germany’s arsenal of top-notch house talent. In 1999 he formed his own label, and it soon became apparent that this DJ had more to offer than just mixing songs. Since the 90’s he’s been involved in countless collaborations, record releases, productions, and not to mention his own [huge] discography. Since then, Poker Flat has now spawned two other separate imprints, Dessous and Audiomatique, and each caters to different styles and tastes of electronic music. Steve is rather “buggish” himself (we mean no offense, really). His tracks are always buzzing around with limitless vitality, and his minimalistic style creeps and crawls like the unknown trillions of organisms beneath our planet’s surface. On stage he has nothing but energy, hopping around the decks like some sort of slick grasshopper, both wise and fast. Whether it’s taking the time make sure each of his releases can be pressed for vinyl, or tearing the roof off of clubs worldwide, this guy puts 100% passion, honesty, and enthusiasm into everything he does. The EP is due for release on September 6th of this year, but you can pre-order it on Beatport now!


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