Rework Drop New EP on Visionquest!

1010885_764613430245781_7969549491412847573_nThe German production trio Rework just dropped their new ‘Rise and Fall’ EP last week on Visionquest. If you’re looking for a fresh and clever twist on the recent deep/minimal wave of house music, you might want to give this a spin. Since I’ll be catching the Visionquest showcase this Saturday at the Mysteryland Electronic Music Festival, I figured I’d give you guys a glimpse at the label’s most recent release! Never heard of em? Cool. I got you guys, no worries. The group was originally formed by friends Daniel Varga and Michael Kuebler, becoming the full trio in 2000 when French singer Laetitia joined. Shortly after their first release on Playhouse Records in 2003, she and another part-time singer departed from the group. It wasn’t long before they found Sascha Hedgehog in 2005, and formed a permanent lineup. In the battle of the sexy names, Sascha won with her seductive German voice, a perfect fit for the atmosphere they were going for. Rework’s sound can be described as an icy yet colorful approach to their own tough-love house music. Listen to the featured track “Ask You” below!

1964782_750686841638440_4503542683145203545_nThe ‘Rise and Fall’ EP is a precursor to their upcoming album ‘You Play’, due for release on the same label at the end of this month. Three original tracks, each dives into new genre territory. What you hear in the beginning is no indicator of what’s to come. As you listen to the songs you know they have rhythm, you know it’s appealing, but I can honestly say they kept me interested throughout each one. The EP kicks off with the titular track “Rise and Fall”. The funky minimal mood is set right away. Less is more, and this is the calm before the swank. The track opens a clear view into the dark and cerebral realms the group can engineer, as if to make sure the listeners know the proceeding aesthetics aren’t all they are capable of generating. The following songs, “Ask You”, and “I’m Waiting”, are guaranteed to make an appearance in this Summer’s clubland. These two tracks take you out of your head and onto the dance floor in a “nothing else matters” kind of way. The temperature rises and the EP begins to produce some vibrant colors. Once the crispy patterns begin your body instantly takes to the progression, and it becomes clear you’ve got some gold on your hands. Then Sascha chimes in with her beautiful accent, and the beat is taken into a sort of new-wave, pop atmosphere.

In just three short tracks the ‘Rise and Fall’ EP encompasses a multitude of texture and range. The song arrangement actually ties in perfectly with the titular concept, which is deliberate I assume. Starting off with a smooth acceleration out of the abyss, they hit their stride and run with the momentum into a masterful descent. With over a decade of making music together under their belt, Rework is a group with more than a few tricks up their sleeve. It seems only fitting Visionquest distributes their latest collection of tracks. You can head to Beatport to grab the EP now, and watch out for their full length album ‘You Play’, due next week!



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