Raxon- Guestmix for Noir Music

It is human nature to watch chaos unfold, even if we know the outcome will be disastrous. Anytime we walk way from such discord, we are fighting a primal urge to see it run it’s course. It’s kind of like watching Hostel for the first time. Many will curse the film and dismiss it as mindless dribble, to which we can’t confirm nor deny, but we’re willing to bet you watched it through to the end on your initial view. We’re not saying that the new guestmix from Raxon is anything similar to a sadistic group of rich murderers, but that voyeuristic nature does apply. You sense the darkness filling in around you as he delves deeper into the tracks, but you can’t pull yourself away. Check out this installment that Raxon did for Noir Music, released last week. It strikes fear into the dancefloor.



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