Ten Things To Be Learned From Avril Lavigne’s New Music Video

Blt3K4YCYAA2LBuThe music video for Avril Lavigne’s new single “Hello Kitty” just premiered, and incidentally it seems to be stirring up quite the controversy. A lot of people are offended, and some people like it. I can’t say I’m here to read into any of that drivel. Perhaps you’ve seen something about this on the incessant news feeds posted across the internet like I did. Like a bad song that won’t get out of your head, I suppose I had to indulge for the sake of getting it out of my system. Thus, here is my input:


1- Skrillex dyed his hair blonde.

2- Canada has stereotyping just like we do.

3- There is no subtext, Avril Lavigne actually wrote a song about Hello Kitty.

4- Hello Kitty, candy shops, and sex, are all somehow related.

 5- According to Entertainment Weekly, “Pop-punk is unique in the sense that it’s utter inauthenticity was the central authentic aspect”.

6- According to Entertainment Weekly, this is good pop-punk.

7- Her husband Chad Kroeger of Nickleback co-wrote the song.

8- There is in fact, a “drop”.

9- Avril Lavigne is “struggling with EDM” reports Magnetic Magazine.

10- Skrillex dyed his hair blonde.

Apparently Youtube took the video down once yesterday, so if the video doesn’t play, we have another link below that you can try. If you have any problems, just head >here to watch it, since I’m sure you guys are dying to do so.    ~CB


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