FREE DOWNLOAD: Bonobo Essential Mix Just Dropped!

Bonobo+dj+set+KatowicePoland+by+wwwsvLast week the eclectic British producer Bonobo was the guest star on the BBC Radio One Essential Mix, and today he released the mix for FREE DOWNLOAD! Simon Green, the man behind the Bo, has been making quite a name for himself over the last couple of years. Just last year alone, he played over 140 sold out shows. Primarily performing as solo DJ, he’s also toured with a 10+ member live band (varies from 5 to 16 members). Audiences at festivals like Coachella, Camp Bisco, Bonnaroo, and headlining events around the world have all walked away with whispers of accolade.

This guy has a vision for his career and he hasn’t strayed from that path in the slightest. Over a decade ago he signed to Ninja Tune Records,and he really hasn’t had the need to go anywhere else, it’s the perfect place for a musician like this. They carry a stark reputation for unique musicians, to say the very least. NTR is currently home to producers such as Amon Tobin, FaltyDL, Blockhead, and Machinedrum. If you have any familiarity with those artists, then you could maybe start to form a small basis for comparison between them and Bonobo. Oh did we mention he’s American?!

He is fact an electronic producer, and the man will make you move, so we’ll start there. His music is made of complex, psychedelic arrangements that blend a seemingly limitless amount of genres. He definitely showcases a taste for house grooves in this mix. There is a deep, perpetual, house-like nature to it, but with the vast ocean of sounds and sampling that the listener can truly dive into, a menial bass/drum beat isn’t going to define him. If Bonobo possesses anything, it’s integrity, but just below that it’s an immunity to petty labeling and genre biasing, so he probably hates people like us, but we just want you step outside of the box if you’re comfortable with it. The stimulation and instinctual dancing is really just the start. With that he’s been granted access to your head, and from there he begins to paint numerous intricate pictures. They move, wriggle, bump, flow, and most importantly they have personality. You a get real sense of persona in his music, like you are connected to what’s it attempting to say whether you can comprehend it or not. As his music is impossible to generalize, so is his fanbase. Bonobo has a mass appeal to lots of music lovers, some in the electronic music community, underground channels, and even the jam band community. Listen to two solid hours of Bonobo performing in DJ form (tad difficult to fit the band in that little BBC mixing booth) with last week’s Essential Mix and grab the download below!



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