Clash Of The TiTunes

Shit RobotAfter disregarding our insanely classless pun header, you’ll see that Shit Robot got together with Clash Music for an all-vinyl guest mix this week. Without a doubt this is DFA Records‘ most unique character, but he’s also one of their first and most respected members. Marcus Lambkin [the bot] doesn’t seem to think too highly of his existence as a robot though, nor a musician since he labels a lot of releases as, well… you know. Perhaps he’s giving a new meaning to the word, because this mix is an incredible blend of decades worth of house music’s evolution in the underground, and as far as we can tell it doesn’t carry an odor either. The collection ranges from 1992’s “Nu Nu” by Lidell Townsell, Metro Area’s “Miura”, to Lambkin’s recent collaboration with Lidell Townsell “Do It (Right)”, two decades and some change later. He’s just as excited about this as we are actually, you can read all about it in Clash Music below (we just came for the beats folks). While you’re there, grab the mix for free download there or on Soundcloud!

> Clash DJ Mix with Shit Robot (FREE DOWNLOAD INSIDE) <


1. Lidell Townsell – Nu Nu [Club House Records]
2. Iz & Diz – Mouth (Brad peep’s Remix for friends) [Classic]
3. Metro Area – Miura [Environ]
4. Mountain People – Mountain 004 [Mountain]
5. Mango Boy – Need A Fix (Dub) [Mango Boy Records]
6. Paranoid London – Transmission 5 [Paranoid London Records]
7. M.C.D.E. – Sun Sequence [Four Roses Recordings]
8. Spectacle – Prism [Permanent Vacation]
9. FNM – Verde [Save The Black Beauty]
10. Shit Robot – Do It (Right) Ft. Lidell Townsell [DFA Records]
11. DJ Disciple Meets David Tort & DJ Ruff – Crossroads [Innervisions]
12. AFX – PWSteal.Ldpinch [Analord]

Oh you might wanna check out this live recording of SR’s set at Panorama Bar from last February too! Now you’ve got two collective hours of signature deep, tribal, psychedelic acid house coming at you in live and vinyl DJ formats!


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