Local Fury- Triumph:A Tribute to The Disco Biscuits


1094821_645731838820950_1050034319_nHow did you spend last weekend? Well if you live in some place extravagant like New York City, you probably did something awesome. If you live in some place like Boise, well then we’re not quite sure what you did. If you reside in the quaint blue hills of Western Massachusetts however, then you got a party worth writing home about. Triumph: A Tribute to The Disco Biscuits set the quiet streets of Pittsfield on fire. Over a week later, social media outlets are still buzzing with praise and accolades.

We’re not completely bereft of entertainment. Over the years Berkshire County has seen some true talent roll through, but you wouldn’t want to hold your breath between such instances. Folk heroes James Taylor and Arlo Guthrie reside in these hills and mountains on a permanent basis, and acts like Blue Oyster Cult, Yonder Mountain String Band, and Keller Williams have all made appearances in the southern half of the county. There is an outdoor amphitheater in the county that bills some really huge acts, but it still doesn’t provide a weekend music scene. Those sporadic events nowhere near qualify this place as a destination for live music. For the most part, residents who crave the stage mainly have to travel to get their fix. Ironically, this is where we also call home at the moment ladies and gentlemen, and it is quite beautiful.

946104_10152121483380336_515926580_nJust over a week ago we caught a big break. Triumph gave locals a performance they deserved. Why are we writing about a tribute band? And at such great length you ask? Well for one thing, believe it or not they are the first official Disco Biscuits tribute band, or at least the only active one that we can think of (and we’re usually pretty good at that stuff). Really it’s because they set out to cover the music of one of the most technically innovative bands around, and they did a remarkable job. Jon “Barber” Guttwillig, the lead guitarist of tDB is one of the most abstract players around, and really what makes the band so unique. Our local Dan Greene stepped up to the plate and nailed his style fairly well, and he doesn’t even like the band he’s covering! If he can play like a top-tier guitarist he isn’t even a fan of, who knows how good he might at his real passions. They took a risk attempting to replicate such unique music, and it goes way beyond skill to accomplish a solid, cohesive improv jam between four individuals and make it sound good. That takes a lot of chemistry and practice, but Triumph are no underdogs. These guys avoided static and had a clear direction in their playing throughout the entire duration of the show.

Pete Matthews, aka DJ Mathematics, kept the crowd moving with opening and set-break DJ sets. Rather than playing the role of some bar room DJ for hire, Pete held his own. Bringing out classy tracks from artists like Flying Lotus, he did a fine job veering far and true from any run of the mill chart selections. The opening set concluded with a segue into Triumph‘s opening “M.E.M.P.H.I.S.” cover. Any dance junkies in the room that night left more than satisfied, especially thanks to Aaron Nackoul on the keys and synths. Fans of the jam got the most exciting performance in town since Dark Star Orchestra performed across the street a couple of years ago. More importantly, fans of the cult followed Disco Biscuits got a very accurate presentation of the band’s catalog, as well as a very impressive slew of improv segments. We’re not exaggerating here folks. The local fans aren’t even close to the only ones who feel this way either. Fan forums and message boards with members based all over the US have been talking about this little tribute band. You can listen for yourselves HERE or on Archive.

Triumph is Brad Greene on drums, Dan Greene on guitar, John Kelly on bass, and Aaron Nackoul on keys.




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