The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of…

ichisanIt appears that dreams really can come true. We’re being sincere folks. Not in a Richard Linklater ‘Waking Life’ sort of way, but more in a common, surface of the earth sort of way. We too are familiar with those hours, spent hopelessly scrolling through Resident Advisor and Jambase with aspirations to see the smaller, more obscure international artists booked for a tour in the US. There’s a myriad of artists who probably aren’t even aware that they have a following over here. Well, for some lucky fans that dream has finally come true. Ichisan is making the leap from your iPod to the stage, for several US live dates!

ichisan_nakovaLast September, Ichisan made his American debut in Philadelphia for the City Bisco after parties at the now condemned venue, The Blockley. You can read a review of the event here. His next US appearance was just a couple of weeks ago, also in Philly, this time opening up for The Disco Biscuits at the Electric Factory (a considerable jump in venue and slot value). Before the weekend was over, he played yet another gig in Philadelphia, followed by a spa-themed club event in Brooklyn. Outside the boundaries of the Northeast, he just concluded a gig in Denver last night. Our man has been busy, and that was just the beginning. Ichisan is being set up for inevitable success. He clearly shares a very similar demographic of fans as the jam/electronica community. The very same audience who loved him to begin with, will likely be the same crowds that follow his current supporting tour acts, such as Boombox and Conspirator. His first performance in our country was only last fall, and he has already played three shows directly associated with The Disco Biscuits. We’re talking about a target audience with a reputable devotion to music, and these fans are very accustomed to buying tickets and hitting live performances as well. It seems that everything is developing quite smoothly. To some, that could be construed as fate.

Since his US debut, he has incorporated a heavier disco sound into some of his mixes. The door to a country full of new ears has opened wide, and he’s naturally going to aim for a wider appeal. Despite the preexisting fans in America, he is touring here now, and that is a whole new ballgame. His more familiar fans will still find solace in the psychedelic space-funk that only Ichisan could accomplish. Think ladies and gentlemen, picture those writhing, climbing, breathing grooves, completely surrounding you. Not just your ears, but affecting your entire body. This is an opportunity to physically dive right into aesthetic soundscapes, evolving right in front of you, and for that one time only. It can be your experience. You can’t download it, but if you go, it’s literally a mix, being created and played for you. In all reality, the basic and most important principle is that it’s a chance to see a real artist play some music for you. You can see what’s good in the mixtape and studio department here, and check out his upcoming tour dates with Boombox below!




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