Ichisan: New Mixtape Just Released

ichiIchisan just dropped a brand “spanking” new mix and we’ve got it right here folks. We’ve been keeping tabs on the Spaceman from Slovenia for quite some time now. Through the autumn blossom to the deep slumbers of hibernation, from the other side to here & there, from the bubble bath with a Mai Tai, to an iced tea behind the sun, we’ve been with him for it all. Now it’s time to go all the way with the just-released Naked Mix’.

This is Ichisan in true form, and it just so happens to be one of his longest releases to date. There are a lot of things to get excited about here at T&A and by now you should know that when he releases new music we get extra…giddy. Once again the tracklist is blissfully obscure and lacking in any major connection to mainstream charts, adding even more personality to his unique presence. Not that such a thing matters provided the music is good, but there is just so much mystery to this artist’s sound, and it’s human nature to find excitement and subconscious reward in the unknown. Each mix, each new song, is a new discovery in itself.

300x300The mix commences with a brief, but colorful arrangement of synth beats to get you primed and ready for your inevitable journey into the uncharted Cosmos. It’s important to stretch before such things you know. After take off the ride begins and it’s all gravy from there on. Vast arrays of synthesizers constantly develop over rich funky undertones, and continue to build layers and swim into each other. The sounds collide resulting in stunning, psychedelic soundscapes. Heavy disco bass lines are broken down and collapse with the raining melodies, forming a razor edge and bringing tough love and momentum to these beautiful compositions. You can’t review this mix track by track, that’s not how Ichisan mixes work. Flowing deep in the vein of his previous works, the ‘Naked Mix’ blends seamlessly into one musical organism. It is in these idiosyncrasies that we find solace in the signature grace that he carries on with time and time again.

ichi2For those who are just hearing about him now, his association with electronic music is limited solely to the fact he uses electronic means to produce his. We frown using the term “musician” lightly when referring to electronic music. His skills aren’t restricted to a laptop. Style and nuance aside, his productions are legitimately recorded with real synthesizers and instruments, and his live performances don’t disappoint either. After you spend enough time in his various realms you’ll find evidence to our theory that he may very well have the sonic secrets to the universe. The way his music flows and progresses forward, it seems as if he and the music he plays are one single entity. The ‘Naked Mix’ is a perfect summary of his style and intrinsic sound. You can listen to it below. Ichisan will be returning to the US this month to open for The Disco Biscuits at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, but we’ll tell  you all about that very soon.

-Cb 🙂


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