Welcome to the Review-lution

open-for-business4Tits and Acid Reviews would like to say Happy 2014 to all of our readers! We’re back, and this year is already overflowing with live music, new albums, releases, and stories, which means we have a LOT of work to do here. The time for Review-lution is upon us. Don’t forget folks, we do have our very own Soundcloud, which you can visit here. Very soon we’ll have an updated Twitter account, and that way we can keep you posted on everything T&A related. We don’t fancy time-wasting, so for indulging our menial little greeting here, we’ve got a surprise for you:

Disco-Biscuits-2014-14-640x400In the spirit of new beginnings, here’s a brief interview Marc Brownstein did with the Denver-based blog Westword regarding the latest Disco Biscuits shows! Marc talks up the band’s latest performances and recent quality of playing, as well as addresses some voiced concerns from his followers.  A lot of his commentary shows a lot of positivity about the band’s future, so their fans have a bone to chew on for the time being. Check it out!

>>Westword Interview w/ Marc Brownstein of The Disco Biscuits<<


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