Oliver Breaks Their Cycle With New Remix

oliverOver the last year the production duo Oliver has basically etched themselves into the charts, and for good reason. The recently released Mechanical EP was a colorful, enigmatic collection of originals, and the tip of the iceberg. Known for their vivid and crisp synthesizers, and to-the-point breakdowns, whether up or down tempo they seem to nail it every single time. Just a month ago they released a provocative down-tempo remix of “Her Favorite Song” by Mayer Hawthorne that could get a monk to abandon his celibacy in a heartbeat. Not only successful in the studio, they tour constantly and have built a solid repertoire for their live shows. They make some of the toughest disco-house around, there’s just not a better way to put it. Their newest tune leaves a lot to be desired however.

oliver1Just a few days ago they released the Bonnie McKee “American Girl (Oliver Remix). In the shadow of their discography there is something about this song that just rubs us the wrong way. Coming off a bit bland and cookie-cutter, the song reminisces the more tasteless side of the Los Angeles club scene they are immersed in. When the verse enters, the breakdowns are OK at best, but the song refuses to stick out. The chorus is as plain as the day is long. Oliver is capable of much, much more, and we hope to seem them break more boundaries. You just can’t fake it, that’s not what we are about.  Listen to it in the link below and form your own opinion on the matter, then get back to us!

FREE DOWNLOAD: American Girl (Oliver Remix)



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