Shpongle: ‘Museum Of Consciousness’ Drops on July 29th

shpongle ‘Museum of Consciousness’, the forthcoming album from the psychedelic trance project Shpongle, will be released later this month on Twisted Records. After four years of almost complete studio silence and endless tour dates, their 5th studio album will available on July 29th.

Put under a microscope, you’ll see that the components of this music are enticingly perplex. Esoteric, spiritually intoxicating, and rich in depth, Shpongle is a manifestation of the artistic visions of Raja Ram and Simon Posford. There is no 2-step beat, there is no womp, and bass is far from being the main focus. Practically speaking, their music contains heavy influences of UK psytrance, ethnic guitars, and psychedelic lyricism. As a live band, they are composed of guitars, stringed instruments, synthesizers, a plethora of percussion, and angelic vocals that sing messages of eastern philosophies, consciousness, and the inner soul. As an electronic act, Posford’s (co-founder of Younger Brother, Hallucinogen, Shpongle) talent as a sound producer is unmatched. Unlike other acts who try to balance this duality, each album translates into both worlds with seamless and indifferent execution.


Since last year, Posford has been giving fans snippets from the upcoming album in his solo DJ sets, but you can listen to the final cut of the new track, “Brain in a Fishtank” below. The last album released in 2009, ‘Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland’, was certainly something to write home about. Genius is relative however, and never without limit. Hopefully Shpongle will continue to break new ground with this release and keep the creative juices flowing, we’ll find out soon. In the meantime, listen to…

…Shpongle- “Brain in a Fishtank” here!



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