Artist Spotlight: Starship Connection

starship-connectionOk, this time around we’ve got something special for you guysSan Francisco has been spitting out the funky beats for decades, and the local scene there is sounding better than ever. From the Grateful Dead, to The Beat Broker, to B.Bravo and his Frite Nite label, the city has never fallen short of great musicians. This week Tits & Acid would like to shine the spotlight on The Starship Connection

The Starship Connection is a heavy hitting four piece electronic funk band from the Bay Area. Composed of a bass player, keyboardist, and two  synthesizer/MIDI players, their modern presentation of the style is both uniquely appropriate, and executed with precision. Picture Chromeo if they had four members and were all on a copious amount of Valium. Their beats sound like 90’s influenced cosmic funk that blankets the nerves and turns your limbs into puppets. Considering the arrangement of instruments, the limitless potential of those instruments, and the ability to implement snap decisions on stage as a live band, these guys are far from predictable.

Listen to The Starship Connection perform live @ The Star Theater on RBMA

304629_279117312197596_1741987955_nB.Bravo has been bringing his interstellar grooves to the Bay Area for years and is no stranger to the West Coast. Since starting out as an aspiring producer/live performer years ago, he has built himself a reputable beat-making empire and earned nationwide praise for his works as a musician. Following the formation of his Frite Nite label, he has shared the stage with Flying Lotus, Dam-Funk, Chromeo, and held top billing spots at events like SXSW Festival. Never complacent in one particular area of music, most noteably DJing, he and fellow Frite Nite member Teeko set out to form The Starship Connection in early 2012.

They can lay it down slick and smooth or heavy and proper, whether you’re driving down the dark rainy freeway or hitting the dancefloor its all there and its all done right before your eyes. Keep an eye out for TSC and any other Frite Nite artists in your area. Still slightly under the radar, if you’re ever in the Bay Area you’d be wise to look these guys up.

Watch The Starship Connection Performing “The Roll Out” for Pitchfork Tv


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