Entire 4/26/13 STS9 Performance on Video

20130414_000750 (1)CHeeSeHeaDPRoDuCTioNS has collaborated with electronic rock band STS9 to bring us a high definition video of their entire performance in Ft. Lauderdale last Friday at Revolution Live. After frontman David Murphy’s winning battle with cancer in spring 2011, Sound Tribe is playing tighter and moving forward with the most momentum they’ve had in years. Theatrics never hurt either; Saxton Waller, the band’s light engineer for over 10 years(minus a brief hiatus) is better than ever, especially with larger venues. After wrapping up their tour this past weekend, the band will take a break before gearing up for the summer festival season and hitting the road with Umphrey’s McGee. Watch two kinetic sets from Friday’s show on the links below, and don’t miss them at Camp Bisco this July with fellow “jam-pions” The Disco Biscuits, Lotus, and Umphrey’s!

STS9 @ Revolution Live 4.26.2013 Set I

Setlist: Really What – Abcees – Frequencies pt2 – Frequencies pt3 – Shock Doctrine – Rent – Blue Mood – Scheme(reprise) – Biggs

 STS9 @ Revolution Live 4.26.2013 Set II

Setlist: What is Love? – Instantly – GLOgli – Move My Peeps – EHM – Moonsocket – 2012 – E: When The Dust Settles


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