Forthcoming Benji Vaughan Album Nears Release

prometheus_largeBenji Vaughan is preparing to bring us his new album, ‘Even Tundra’, set to drop in spring 2013. This is his first full length solo effort since ‘Spike’, released under his world recognized alias Prometheus in 2010. Vaughan is a pioneer in some of the most genuine psytrance in the world and has been canonized in the realm of modern psychedelic music. As the lead producer for Twisted Records, he has mixed and collaborated with artists like Ott, Hallucinogen, Raja Ram, Shpongle, and co-founded Younger Brother with trance guru Simon Posford. The entire album was recently available to stream on soundcloud for 48 hours and he just debuted the music video for “Everything in Colour”. According to the artist the 11 track album will feature a music video for each individual song.

Watch “Everything in Colour” from the upcoming Even Tundra album

CB7_1014The new track certainly indicates a redesigned direction for the artist. Between his work with Raja Ram on “The God Particle”Younger Brother, and solo productions this artist has proved to transition between styles without trend or failure.Whether it be a cellular escape from the boundaries of “here” and “now”, or a reflection of the events passed, he’ll take you there on a spaceship folks. This is looking to be  one of the most anticipated spring releases in refined electronica. ‘Even Tundra’ will be released this spring on Twisted Records.

See what elese he’s been up to ↓

::Benji Vaughan- Busy As A Bee (from the ‘Raja Rams’ Pipedreams Compilation’)::


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