Orchard Lounge Not Invited To Camp Bisco XII


That’s right. Unfortunately the Camp Bisco veterans Orchard Lounge were not invited to perform this summer’s 12th annual music festival. Meatcamp, the main promoters of the 3 day event have decided not to include them in this summers bill, a big surprise to the Bisco community. The Chicago-based house music trio have played the festival for the last 8 years, earning a crucial place as an integral part of the experience. Aside from performing, each member is a long time fan of event headliners The Disco Biscuits, attending every Camp since its first year. That factors into their playing immensely, having both the perspectives of an artist and a passionate fan in the crowd. This was a severe letdown to f ans of both them and fans of Camp Bisco as a whole. Bethany Lokken of OL publicly addressed her fans regarding the decision last week, stating  that “this was a much a surprise to us as it was to you, but we’ve moved on”. A petition to get them on the lineup has been started by a fan in Philadelphia. With their vast and loyal fanbase they’re likely to get plenty of signatures, but would they want to after being excluded in the first place? hqdefault

::Listen to a live recording of OL in New York City last fall here::


Petition to get Orchard Lounge on the Camp Bisco XII Lineup



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