Evanton: Hit After Hit


Make way for Evanton, a fresh Italo-funk duo from Greece just making their professional appearance in music less than two years ago. Their debut self-titled album came out of nowhere and with almost instant success. Anton Manetas and Evan Zacharopoulos provide a stylishly new take on synth-pop and disco, a genre that is becoming increasingly relevant again and unfortunately a tad flooded. Have no fear, with one having a background in 80’s electrofunk and the other specializing in Italo styles, the convergence is destined for greatness at the get-go.

artworks-000042189461-vpxt95-t200x200Their newest EP Hit After Hit, released earlier this month on Binalog Productions, is pure merciless funk that hits the floors with a cool breeze and a heated edge. What we have here is vintage instrumental soundscaping applied to more modernized house style arrangements, a blend most notably achieved by Cinnamon Chasers. By straying away from vocal samples, they leave you to focus on the progression of the music. What is so integral in making this duo unique is the vividness of the sounds used and the above average mixing. Evanton fully embodies the 80’s atmosphere, while at the same time seamlessly progress through the realm of disco-house. Rather than hearing colliding notes of each influence like in other artists, you hear them as one entity, creating something new. The production value of this duo is undeniable, and we can’t wait to see what they do next…

Preview and Purchase the Hit After Hit EP here!



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