Space Dimension Controller: The Master of Space Blasters Returns

sdc album

“A record with it’s head in the stars, and it’s tongue in it’s cheek” -FACT Mag

The cosmic and mysterious Space Dimension Controller recently released his album Welcome to Mikrosektor-50, paired with a digital EP consisting of 4 tracks off his first studio album in years. Endlessly dynamic and devoid of any set formula, this proves to be another stunning piece among his all too stellar discography.

The EP starts out with his most genre-influenced track to date, and actually took us by quite the surprise.Welcome To Mikrosektor-50 initiates a high octane, Galactic-funk intro that would most likely reminisce the spawn of Midnight Star and Dieselboy had they conceived a child together. Although in the realm of synth-based 80’s electronic, true to his modus operandi of dissolving formulas it is a breed of its very own. Following the intensity of the introductory track he transitions into his trademark of mystic and astronomical soundscapes with While I Was Away. This opens with an array of soft pads and soothing bass lines that fill the canvas of his work with an oceanic atmosphere, but at the same time somehow gives you a sensation of high altitude. That may very well be the intention of Mr.8040 as the next track is labeled “It’s a Cold Planet Without You”. It is here that we are subjected to the Drum and Bass influence of his music. The rolling drum tracks begin and although always present and rhythmic, are nothing short of mind-blowing. They lay the main theme of the song and never repeat themselves; there is always a series of notes to differentiate each measure from the last. “Music For Spaceports”, appropriately named, marks the culmination of the EP and serves as a testament to the limitless creativity of SDC. The sounds created in these tracks are what make this artist so special. Never repeated outside the boundaries of a track, and always vivid to the point of manifested imagination, the effects and the arrangement in which they’re placed leave you submersed in a colorful dream sequence almost too surreal. We give the Welcome to Mikrosektor-50 release a 7/10.

His sound is hard to define in terrestrial terminology but could be lightly compared to Amon Tobin, Flying Lotus, or Mars Volta, but basically it’s sound in general. This is an artist truly dissimilar to anything you’ve ever heard. The most familiar or genre-based characteristics he displays are vaguely like Drum and Bass and notes of funk, but describing him in even those terms is blasphemous. His music induces states of childlike curiosity and imagination thought only to be achieved in dreams. You can almost touch the notes, and you can produce a detailed image in your mind of every song. The only reoccurring truth in his productions is that it carries an uncannily electronic and spacey vibe. Among the avid experimenters of sound production and those who don’t follow the formulas of rhythm, he is without a doubt a master of space and technology.

Mr.8040 in his live element

Mr.8040 in his live element

Every album and EP he releases is a conceptual installment to the mythos of his origins and journeys. Each individual track is a like a paragraph to a chapter, and each album a chapter to a story. Artists like the Mars Volta and Daft Punk have reoccurring characters and themes in their songs, but nothing we’ve heard is so true to detail and consistent as SDC’s works. Rather than use one compilation or series of tracks to make up an opera, everything he does is the opera, or in his unique case, Electro-Opera. It’s Stephen Hawking meets Mozart.

Signed to R&S Records with some of the most respected artists in the industry, be sure to check out his previous releases and grab your copy of Welcome To Mikrosektor-50 today!



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