James Murphy Files Lawsuit Against DFA Co-Founder

JAMES_MURPHY_coachella20102-620x826LCD Soundsystem frontman and co-founder of DFA Records James Murphy filed suit against former label partner Tim Goldsworthy. On March 1st Murphy appeared in the Manhattan Civil Supreme Court along with the interests of DFA Records to seek almost $100,000 from his ex-partner.

Tim Goldsworthy allegedly left the country in a breach of contract three years ago neglecting to inform his business partners of his departure. He is being sued for outstanding debts to the company, deliberate misuse of the company’s funds, as well as the legal costs of the lawsuit in progress. Murphy and third party founder Jonathan Galkin claim that they attempted to resolve the situation on multiple occasions with fruitless results and no cooperation from Goldsworthy. In a statement that Galkin made, they had no word from the defendant and moved on with business in his absence, but Goldworthy still attempted to claim rights as a co-founder of the label.

Goldworthy claims that he went back to Britain to be with his family and had no idea of the issues at hand. We’ll see what happens in court I suppose.



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