New Cinnamon Chasers Music Video: Lights

Dreams and Machines Album Cover

Dreams and Machines Album Cover

Early this morning Space-funk sensation Cinnamon Chasers premiered his new music video for “Lights”, off his recently dropped album Dreams and Machines.

WATCH THE NEW VIDEO HERE: Cinnamon Chasers- Lights (Official)

CC is the same galactic maestro behind the Abakus moniker, Russ Davies, the son of The Kinks’ founder Dave Davies. Not only did Davies put a large portion of his heart and soul into the album, he took the reigns on supervising and contributing directly to the music video, inadvertently turning it into yet another Russ Davies sideproject rather than a routine music video to help push the relevance of his new release. He was a core instrument in directing, editing, and producing the video, and features himself in the final product, but not in an exploitative position. Ego is certainly involved, not for self-gratification or his fifteen seconds, but for making sure that the integrity of the song and he himself as the creator, remains untainted.

Dreams and Machines is an aesthetic compilation of digital space beats and psychedelic soundscapes, and a likely contender for one of the top albums of 2012. “Lights”, although perceived as softer than the other tracks on the album, is able to personify the themes and styles present throughout the entire release. Great factors for choosing a target single, and furthermore, an appropriate greeting to the listeners as they enter the extraterrestrial world of Cinnamon Chasers.



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