Oliver to Release New EP



Oliver (Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein) are perhaps some of the most influential, rising stars in the disco universe, and the new upcoming EP will further propel them through the tests of time and trend. Their talent and ingenuity as producers is borderline revolutionary, specializing in constant heavy hitters, but always with a guiding synthetic melody.

Aeroplane- We Can’t Fly(Oliver Remix)

The duo was signed to the legendary Eskimo Recordings along with Drop Out Orchestra, Aeroplane, The Swiss, Blende, and more, and they have long since proved  their right to make themselves quite at home there. Rather than put their time into lots of remixes and DJ radio sets, they meticulously build upon each note of their works until the final product is inarguable. What ensues through this method is a detailed slew of intermittent, but always boundary pushing releases with a payoff only achieved through their diligence and imagination. Have I mentioned they did a masterpiece remix of Aeroplane’s “We Can’t Fly”, a truly flawless composition when untouched, and Oliver definitely earned the honor.

Oliver is now putting together an EP on Fool’s Gold Records and its easily one of our most anticipated drops yet. Here’s a preview of “MYB” off the upcoming release. Much more agressive than some of the previous works were used to, but when accompanied with a Clapton-esque guitar and snyth progression, it can’t be beat. I’m confident I will be hearing this track at the clubs very soon.

Listen to Oliver- MYB(preview) from the upcoming EP!



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