L.A. Theatre of Arts Debute ‘Hurlyburly’ Last Night…







7.25.2012     L.A. Theatre of Arts Graduating Class of 2012 Presents:


1625 N Las Palmas      

Los Angeles, CA 90028        

7:00pm Free Entry!



The Theare of Arts Acting School and its graduating class of 2012 present playwright David Rabe’s dark comedy Hurlyburly; directed by Darin Anthony and featuring notable performances from Johanna Andari, Aland Brifkani, Bland Brifkani, Cody Kearsley, Alexandra Lavrova, Mattias Ramos, and Rebecka Shirwani.

Set in 1980’s Hollywood when cocaine’s illustrious social status was just in its peak, and narcissism fueled the devices of every man and woman in greater Los Angeles, this pessimistic stage piece centers on four friends, Eddie, Mickey, Phil, Artie, the women in their lives and their dysfunctional relationships. The play is comprised of a dark, complex and witty dialogue that runs its pivotal course from start to end, predominately revolving around the character Eddie’s arrogantly dejected rants. In Rabe’s Hurlyburly universe, inhabited by callous sociopaths, Eddie’s symbiotic relationship with his ego is jeopardized by his desperation of companionship. Mickey(Bland), his roommate, coasts through life free of attachment and turbulence, while Artie(Mattias) and Eddie’s best friend Phil struggle to find themselves among the social pressures of holding composure. Almost a Kevin Smith style turn of the tongue, Rabe’s rendition of a vindictive 80’s Hollywood and its capacity to transform souls in their entirety will bring laughter and insight simultaneously.

The play opens with Aland Brifkani’s character Phil storming into Eddie’s apartment. Aland immediately delivers a great performance. His character demands a consistently well spoken, yet frantic and distraught demeanor, and I was very satisfied with his delivery. His performance possessed a great deal of color to it compared to Kearsleys in the early stages of the production, giving the viewer the impression he is to be protagonist.

Bland Brifkani’s role as Eddie’s roomate Mickey was most entertaining. Bland’s rendition and ad-lib to the sleezey but charming, conceited qualities of his role were quite convincing, accurate to the portrayal of a Hollywood tomcat. Never hesitating to fill any gaps in his performance, I see a natural ability to take the stage, given any variables.

Cody Kearsley’s engaging performance as Eddie was unanimously revered as the highlight. He delivered the complex and witty dialogue with empathetic passion, and without a moment of doubt to be seen. Taking his role far beyond its demands, he successfully bridges the gap between the audience and the story being told, stripping us of our peripheral limitations.

Originally debuted in Chicago, 1984 with reputable stars such as William Hurt, Sigourney Weaver, and Jerry Stiller and directed by Mike Nichols, Hurlyburly has been a Hollywood favorite for almost 30 years. Since then, it was adapted to screen in 1998 by Anthony Drazan and revived on Broadway in 2010. Darin Anthony’s version of the quirky melancholy easily stands up to its predecessors, and gives light to some remarkable actors.

Come to the Theatre of Arts located on 1625 N Las Palmas in Hollywood tonight at 7:00pm and meet these young stars! Free entry and refreshments


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