Disco Duo Classixx to Play Orange County

Los Angeles natives Tyler Blake and Michael David, aka Classixx, are taking their mid-tempo space-funk sound from hyperspace and bringing it to a terrestrial level this August for their West Coast 2012 summer tour. The duo will take the stage at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, CA on August 18th with support from old friends and fellow L.A. residents Cosmic Kids, and other special guests. A golden opportunity to break free from the epidemic of shallow pop/house tunes that plague the dancefloors, witness two pioneers in the disco laden style that has now been absorbed into the currents of mainstream.

The two met in middle school while living in Oak Park, a suburb of L.A., and started producing by high school. Blake knew he wanted to make music when he purchased Radiohead’s album, Kid A, and admitted “it made me either want to start making music, or stop making music forever”. Unaware as to how to gain exposure, they began hosting Hush Hush parties in the mid 2000’s, where they performed sets for a substantially growing fanbase. David left the band he was then touring with and Blake dropped out of Berkley, allowing them to pursue music full time and thus forming Classixx. Giving momentum to their self-launched career they ambushed the L.A. scene with the catalytic remix of Pheonix’s “Lizstomania”, still frequently circulated across the nation’s club scene. Unfolding soon afterward, they debuted their heavy-hitting synth-house original, “I’ll Get You(ft. Jeppe)” on Kitsune Records. Shortly after the duo’s breach into professionally producing music, their reputation caught the attention of Green Label Sound, home to such artists as Holy Ghost!, Chromeo, RAC, and Neon Indian, and they signed to the label.

Classixx’ venturous production skills alone cast a shadow over the trendy DJ’s invading the ears of impressionable frat boys and intoxicated girls across the West Coast. Blending the sounds of 80’s synth pop, mid-tempo funk, house and disco into a fiercely aesthetic flowing composition, these two set a new standard for the up-and-comers pouring into the rising Nu-Disco scene. Instead of appealing to the stimulus enticing formula of break and drop, they set out far beyond such limitations of instant gratification and embark on a journey to undiscovered space. Two converging minds meticulously producing true music in a most beautiful form, all the while simultaneously making dance the objective as well as a byproduct. Classixx are a necessary addition to the archives of any connoisseur of electronic music.

Percussive basslines and 80’s nostalgia aside, for us it largely dwells on how the artist delivers live. The stage presence these two possess is powerful to a degree where the audience is helpless to drift away into their cosmic melodies. Ambient compures overlapped with progressive bass lines and soulful vocal additions evolve into house driven floor bangers, and the crowd along with them. On stage they master the viewers in a way most DJ’s can’t, dynamic in that they appeal to the emotions of the audience rather than their reflexes. In an interview with Adobe Airstream in  the summer of 2011, they commented on the components of their live performances; “Blake and David like to mix up (mind the pun) their DJ sets from night to night, never settling into a static routine. “We don’t ever really plan our DJ sets. It doesn’t make much sense to because you never know what the crowd is gonna be like. [DJ sets are] a huge advantage over playing live because you can feel out the crowd and play to it rather than having a setlist you have to stick to.”

Watch the reputable disco dons take the stage August 18th in Costa Mesa, CA  at the Detroit Bar. Its a night to bring together club life with true music for a cornerstone experience in moonlighting. A gift-wrapped privilege in the Newport area, it would be a mistake to miss an act of this magnitude.

Tickets here: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=4745305&REFERRAL_ID=tmfeed&wt.mc_id=aff_BUYAT_139685&camefrom=CFC_BUYAT_139685



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